Heal. Guard. Protect. Restore.

Four Councils. One Goal:
To Eradicate Darkness from the World.

Supernatural Justice League Councils

About the Councils

The Guardian Council was founded by Igor Valsyno and Joab Valsyno, brothers who had been trafficked and abused severely in their childhood.

They began the Guardian Council as a way to help others escape sex trafficking.

The Valsyno brothers worked for the Mossad and quickly gained high-level security clearance. 

The Mossad helped the brothers - and a few of the original Guardians - connect with ICs around the world and soon, they were called upon by other intel communities to help rescue children. 

The Guardian Council expanded after that and began to work as private security members for world leaders. Then, they began helping expose terrorists.

Joab was an excellent white hat hacker and quickly learned which websites on the Dark Net sell children and pay for terrorism attacks. Igor and Joab were then trained in counterterrorism measures.


Beacons. Sentinels. Pharos.

Due to increased terrorism and trafficking threats in the world, the Guardian Council helped found several other Councils - the Beacon Council, the Sentinel Council, and the Pharos Council.

The Sentinel Council is similar to the Guardian Council as the Sentinels work closely with the intel communities and world leaders to combat terrorism and rescue those who are being trafficked.

The Beacon Council and the Pharos Council were formed to support and bring hope to survivors of trafficking, kidnappings, ritualistic abuse, and severe child abuse.

Beacons. Guardians. Pharos. Sentinels.



The Sentinel Council's greatest passion is to protect the hurting from onslaughts of darkness and wickedness.

We desire to be sentinels for truth and justice.

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The Beacon Council's greatest passion is to bring healing to the most broken and wounded souls.

We desire to be beacons of light in the darkest of places.

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The Guardian Council's greatest passion is to guard the innocent from forces of darkness.

We desire to be guardians of truth and righteousness

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The Pharos Council's greatest passion is to restore the hurting, broken, abused, and mistreated.

We desire to be pharos' of hope

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